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We are Maharlikans. 408 and 498 are in their files and genuine Torrens Titles and all other titles issued after OCT 01-4 and not derived from it are fake and fraudulent. He died upon learning the positive fruits of his efforts which was the issuance of land title over the archipelago in his honor issued by the British Government embracing 7,169 islands and around 503,877 square nautical miles under OCT No. To do this, we need to demonstrate to Congress that our regional landscape, culture and history are nationally Registration of Decree 01-4 protocol by virtue of the Supreme Order of the Royal Crown of England was done through Case No. Kapamilya Kakampi 11,896 views. I can also clan also claim that Lapu-Lapu was my ancestor. but if you insist, the said blue skinned people are just like what happened to the Incas. It was partially executed as shown by a number of sheriffs’ returns. Like you said, it is not factual setting on real world politics. THE MAHARLIKA ISLANDS: THE TRUE STORY Rajah Gat Mauban took the eastern part of the Province of Quezon including Mauban, Sampaloc and Lukban to protect the interest of his grandson Vicente Lukban. But after the war between Atlantis and Lemuria, then the Earth was flooded due to the destruction of the Ice Canopy that became oceans of the world. The Daily Guardian is a renascent Iloilo-based publishing firm and media outfit with bureaus in Kalibo, Boracay, Roxas, Bacolod, Antique, Guimaras, and Manila. ISSUE: By 1778, the Batlhaping were making annual trips to trade with the Khoi tribes on the Orange River, bringing copper, iron, knives, axes and assegais as … Everyone deserves the right to both quality and choice of care.,%201972%20%20Petitioner%20Don%20Madrigal%20Acop%20and%20Eseban%20Benitez%20Tallano.&content=true&page=latestupdate/toc-displayer.php&loc=cc3957/&display=cc3957.php&name=aa1 Mainstream history had always taught that on 16 th March, 1521 Ferdinand Magellan first landed in Samar in the Maharlikan lands eventually known as Philippines. The Maharlika and Tala Estates have loaned money to the improvised masses of people to gain leverage in the world of deceit and chaos. Surely, the constitution may be a legal document but it is never founded on the Truth. No.70014 hand delivered to Queen of the South in Iligan City by PNP official from Manila escorted by NBI. The Treaty of Paris was signed April 4, l894. The British Royal Government then issued a Royal Decree, Protocol 01-4 based on the Laws of the West Indies, amending the property rights of King Philip of Spain over the Philippines and granting ownership of the Philippine archipelago to the Tagean Tallano clans. They were taken by ETs who had in the first place, experimentally created them? Instead, they connived to carve out some of the best land for themselves. The reign of the royal family of the Philippines had started as early in the l3th century, about 200 years yet before the Spanish came to our shores. What kind of documents is this? What Was the U.S. Role in the Slaughter of 44 Filipino Special Ops Police? CEASATION OF THE SEAL AND COAT OF ARMS E.R.D. Remember to enjoy the Goodness of Life and not otherwise. continue reading », Posted by benjamin America’s Future is Liberal Fascism Sporting a Smiley Shirt and Armed With a Syringe, Netanyahu wanted the U.S. to attack Iran last Sunday, Elon Musk’s Coup Stooge Áñez Arrested Trying to Escape Bolivian Justice, Israel’s Gift to Joe Biden: War with Iran, Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist Assassinated as Trump Heads for the Exit, The Politics of Cultural Despair | Chris Hedges, Troops Rally Around Trump as Final Showdown Begins, Duterte Plays Hard Ball vs Local Oligarchs and US Deep State. Let … 9. The links to the Tallano legal documents above are sufficient to support their claims. Since the Maharlika episode, there have been several attempts to … If we follow your train of logic, then anybody who can write their own constitution will prove ownership of the land. There are many more interesting annotations at the back of OCT 01-4 like Entry CLRO-01123, S-1904 regarding the yearly rental paid by the US Government to Don Esteban Benitez Tallano in Baguio City for the site now known as Camp John Hay. He is an associate member of the Catholic apologetics group Defensores Fidei Foundation and a member of the Board of Trustees of Pro-Life Philippines Foundation, Inc. Palad contributes regularly for the CBCP News. When the Spaniards started ruling the Philippines archipelago, they renamed it Hacienda Filipina. It would have been “happy days are still with us” had Espinosa won. 31:05. Give us the evidence that we don’t have a civilization prior to the coming of the Spaniards, because the Ayala museum, among others, can prove you otherwise. Connect with a member of our team to discuss the wide range of 2259 of 1913 was passed, again the cadastral court recognized the ownership and title of the TALLANO CLANS over the whole Philippine Archipelago, still as OCT 01-4. This is open for everyone to get information, ask, and open forums. Furthermore, when Cadastral Act No. With the passage of time, the Chinese traders changed the name Maharlika to Maynilad or Maynila. Rosenberg is believed to be seeking physical gold to seize on behalf of the Nazi/Sabbatean cabalist owners of the Federal Reserve Board, these sources say. Sultan Pulalun was childless. It was the Royal Tagean-Tallano’s 720,000 metric tons of gold whereby Marcos transferred 500,000 metric tons to be loan at the world bank that reap significant interests and dividends to the establishment of the IMF-International Monetary Fund. THE CONSTITUTION DETERMINES WHO OWNS THE PHILIPPINES. EVEN TALLANO REALLY OWNS THE WHOLE THE PHILLIPINES BEFORE THEY LOST IT, SO THEY DON’T IT ANYMORE. IT IS NOT ACKNOWLEDGE BY THE CONSTITUTION THAT THE TALLANOS OWNED THE PHILIPPINES. 00111212-69 for OCT 01-4 in the names of Prince (Lacan) Tagean (Tallano) Ul Rijal Bolkiah with Don Esteban Benitez Tallano as Administrator, 2) TD No. Long story short the Hawaii Ancient people look nothing like filipino they look like a mix between black and filipino, also there are other islands along there the were the ancient people have afro/asian hair, and also had their own Kingdoms. Requested were Entry of Judgment ng Compromise Agreement, C.C. 4. Sincerely In pre-colonial Philippines, maharlika denoted a warrior-noble who belonged to the lower aristocracy and who rendered military service to his lord. The Tribe … this is such a good read, but its kind of irritating how everyone publishing the same long story about Maharlika in the comments section over and over again, being the histroy nerd that i am, i read eavery single one of them. As of today, July 25, 2020 ….. 2. maybe we cant blame them too, for what else would they be doing, being educated in the so called western world. Behold the Philippines Under U.S. Democracy for 113 Years! Are the police and military authorities keeping a blind eye on this enlistment in a private army? This is narrated through Tausug and Malay royal histories, where the names Seludong, Saludong or Selurong are used to denote Manila prior to colonisation” Marikina News, 3. But with your help, we can sustain the task of informing the world with reliable information and objective analyses, while your own family enjoys healthcare freedom that they deserve. This Renders the CA.GR.SP.70014 DECISION (Tallano – Madrigal Acop represented by Julian Morden Tallano), NULL AND VOID COMPLETE 15,793,084 hits | Thank you for flying with us. (A Position Paper by HRH. Unacknowledged American Atrocities in the Philippines. Good luck with your fight. As a symbol for the respect and due recognition of the Chinese Empire to the nobility of the King over his land ownership and rulership of the archipelago, the Chinese Emperor gave him a gift of silk cloth and several tons of precious metals like gold and jewels as a token of tribute to the Noble King whose name, King Luisong Tagean, was adapted in the naming of the largest island in his honor, the island of Luzon. The Corporate Republic of the Philippines was registered only in 1946. September 26, 2006: In 1997, the Philippine Republic enacted Republic Act (law) RA-8371 or the Indigenous (not indigent) People Right Act enabling sovereignty upon its people, within the purview of Philippine Constitution. For reference, Manila started some thousand years ago, born out from the very womb of Rio de Tagean (now Pasig) river. The Lemurians came from planet Lemur, which is part of Sirius star system. 498 issued in the name of DON ESTEBAN BENITEZ TALLANO on June 7, 1932 by Register of Deeds TEODORO GONZALEZ of the Province of Rizal and TCT NO. “During the reign of Sultan Bolkiah (1485–1521) the Kingdom of Brunei decided to break the Kingdom of Tondo’s monopoly in the Chinese trade by attacking Tondo and establishing the city-state of Seludong as a Bruneian satellite. In the Philippines, there is no titled issued earlier than OCT 01-4. You are just avoiding them. Fad’lun (Faud Abdulla) known as the 1839-1861 Sulu Sultan Pulalun, who was the son of the 1825 Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram-I (Muwalil Wasit) and cousin Maharaja Adinda Taup (father of 1915 Sharif Sultan Imam Ul-Alam Arpa who replaced Sultan Kiram-II), them being the progenies of the three datu Sultans of 1752 Maharlika/Mindanao Sulu. 002-4450-69 in the name of Don Esteban Benitez Tallano with Benito Agustin Tallano as administrator for TCT No. The blue skinned people you are referring to is from inside the Earth, they are known as the Lemurians. The Governor-General was the representative of the monarch in Nigeria and exercised most of the powers of the monarch. As expected, the Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation Inc. (IDFI) headed by Ramon Cua Locsin, will be phased out in favor of the Iloilo City Festivals Foundation Inc. (ICFF), which will be created under the new administration of Mayor Geronimo “Jerry” Treñas. Ilonggo ‘soldiers’ recruited for ‘Maharlika Tribes’ force, Village security guard hurt in shootout with armed men, DA to allocate P768M for Negros Occ agriculture, BCPO inks MOA for construction of 2 new police stations, Parlade: NTF-ELCAC deserves P19-billion fund, InLife highlights Filipinos’ resilience and hope, DOLE offers job opportunities in First Balik Trabaho Online Job Fair, Therma Visayas, host communities plan for 2021, DOST supports Bakal Lokal platform for micro entreps, farmers, Ginebra back as PBA kings after nipping TNT in Game 5…, Filipino bags gold in Asian online taekwondo tournament, Iloilo A. Diasnes taekwondo gym attracts international students, Nonito Donaire out of title fight after contracting COVID-19, General Santos boxer to face “The Filipino Stopper”, WHO reveals leading causes of death and disability worldwide, Latest ablation technology to destroy large liver tumors, Retention of the health workforce in rural and remote areas: a…, Tourism is the sunshine industry of NegOcc – guv, Elect Drilon as president if we want a mega bridge, As frustrating as it is, Filipino students are left behind. By virtue of the said payment, the Oficina de Cabildo recognized and affirmed Royal Decree 01-4 Protocol and registered as TITULO DE COMPRA in favor of PRINCE LACAN ACUNA ULRIJAL BOLKIAH (TAGEAN) TALLANO. 1. TRACING THE UNDERINED’S LINEAGE Deed of Assignment made by Don Esteban Benitez Tallano in favor of the Sultanates of Mindanao/Sulu of the direct bloodline lineage of the three Datu-Sultans of Mindanao/Sulu under the 1825 Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram-I (father of 1858-1861 Sulu Sultan Pulalun and cousin Maharaja Adinda Taup) heirs, relatives of Don Esteban Benitez Tallano, the whole lands of the provinces of Sulu, Lanao, Cotabato, and Zamboanga to prevent the escalation of hostilities in the South. . In 1915, Jamalul Kiram II signed the 1915 Carpenter Memorandum, surrendering his temporal powers to the American Government in exchange for a lifetime pension and amenities. CDS Monarch provides opportunities for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities to lead independent and fulfilling lives. Somehow I find this article a bit misleading. ENTRY OF JUDGMENT, RESOLUTION, AND L.O.T. Foremost in this cause is a former Marcos-era solon, Eddie Ilarde (of “Napakasakit, Kuya Eddie” fame). Rose enlisted Channa in Bawan Gota of Kambohs. What if the Oligarchy, i.e. The Lemurians occupied the land from Eastern part of Russia and all the way to the Maharlikan land and this includes New Zealand, Fiji, Samoan islands and etc. Meaning, there’s an interior space ideal for sub terranean living. If we go back in time during our elementary days, children or students were thought anout the fight netween lapulapu and soliman, but never do i recall if my memory serves me right, that no where in the history classes or history books will find out or teach you that lapulapu and soliman are brothers, and for whatever reasons one have to side with the new conqueror magellan to pick a fight with lapulapu. Gilford Foundation* Green Country BHCS Heavenly Hope Church Monarch, Inc.* Presbyterian Church of Muskogee Ray’s House Salvation Army/Muskogee St. Paul UMC Warner Community Food Pantry Women in Safe Homes NOWATA COUNTY Boys & Girls Every planet in the universe are all Hollow inside. Adinda Taup then begotted a son, Sharif Imam Ul-Alam Arpa, the grandfather of the undersigned. New York Senator William L. Marcy once declared, “To the victor belongs the spoils,” referring to the victory of Andrew Jackson in the US election of 1828. Where are they now? if not its ok. We don’t own the history of the Maharlikan people. As a result of this treaty, another treaty, the Treaty of Paris, came into being, also containing the precondition that private rights and interest in lands in the Philippines would be respected. People may submit any papers in the court whether it’s true or not. Certification issued by LAND REGISTRATION COMMISSIONER ANTONIO NOBLEJAS of the Land Registration Commission on January 3, 1964 in reply to a request of Solicitor General Felix Makasiar certifying that OCT-01-4, TCT Nos. The same also became final and executory. Alas, its all gone now and who else to blame but the early educated politicians who should have thought among themselves, to reveal and make part of our heritage the true history of our race and be proud of the true history of the country. All rights reserved. Finally, in 1764 the British won over the Spaniards. Because of the land grabbing activities of the Spanish conquistadores, the descendants of King Luisong brought these questionable activities of the conquering armies of Spain to the attention of the Spanish Queen leading to the setting aside of many royal land grants and the issuance of titulo possessorio to become titulo de compra embracing the whole Philippine archipelago in favor of the Tallano clans. LETTER REVIEW WITH THE SUPREME COURT TO ENFORCE THE ENTRY JUDGMENT AND TO EXECUTE LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL., FOR OCCUPANCY, THEREOF; And when we do not have a sense of national consciousness, we cannot have any identity and emerge as a truly proud nation. Ignacia, Tarlac and paid U.S. $2,400,000.00; Don Juan Ejercito acquired the area of San Juan del Monte Hacienda embracing up to Sitio, Manduluyong consisting of 3,154 hectares for U.S. $3,154,000.00 and the remaining un-acquired areas were retained by Don Esteban Benitez Tallano and paid the amount of U.S. $6,600,000.00 for the remaining balance of the loan. Later on, when I became a student of history (only by avocation, not a literal student taking up a history course), I encountered a small movement clamoring to change our country’s name. Neil Keenan 5/19/14 Has Obama Lost Control Of the Philippines? In the meanwhile, the Pasay City Hall was burned including the records of this case. Australian customers are obsessing over a loose foundation powder that provides a flawless, natural coverage, making it seem like no product is being worn at all. Are we being governed by another sovereign state right in our own independent civilian republic? He died nine (9) months after the issuance of the declaration of said treaty, died in peace and happiness. 7. excuse me sir. The same became final and executory. In 2007, the United Nations Peoples Right Act was enacted applying to all countries, worldwide, stipulating the same. The Torrens Title in favor of the Tallanos dates back to 1904. After a series of motions, Judge Agana rendered a clarificatory decision dated January 19, 1976. Maharlika Nation may Panawagan kay President Duterte - Duration: 31:05. If you want to verify, you can contact their lawyer, Atty. (The author, who is now based in New York City, used to be the editor of two local dailies in Iloilo). …Most recently the Vatican in collaboration with an entrusted Elder, The Sultan of Sulu, a guardian/holder of The Dragon Family Global Account assets, attempted to steal fifteen (15) Quadrillion dollars from the Dragon Family. during those times, Maharlika was still Maharlika and it remains to this day. 3957-P. Upon signing it, the Spanish Royal Crown through its Queen sent Hermogenes and Miguel Rodriguez to the Philippines to assist the recovery of the Hacienda Quebega together with Hacienda Filipina by the Tagean Tallanos. In 1967, the undersigned’s father, Sharif Carpenter Arpa I, established the Sultanate of Zamboanga (representing Mindanao) and Basilan (representing Sulu) and spearheaded the Royal Houses of Mindanao and Sulu in signing a manifesto for unity ratified by then Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile, now a senator. Sana ma-pakingan sa radyo ito araw-araw para sa mga katulad ko at iba na kaunti ang nalalaman tungkol sa Lost Kingdom Maharlika. this is a clear indication of misleading young filipino of not being able to trace back its own culture , heritage, and history. Led by Iloilo’s most respected journalists, the Daily Guardian pledges to tell the Ilonggo story as seen through the various lenses of society so that every side may be told. Being the progeny of the three Sultans of Sulu and Mindanao, does the undersigned have a valid claim? 1, 2017 Monarch Butterfly Restoration Project The Miami Tribe has begun its second year of partnership with the organization “Monarch Watch”. The Situation is So Intense, it Involves the Entire US Government | FBI Insider, The Interview The Global Elite Never Want You To Hear, Decision with Compromise Agreement of 1972, OCT T-01-4 – Certification of Jose Santos, Pasay, Transfer Certificate of Title No. 408 and 498 are in their files, genuine and issued in accordance with law and with probative value. The noble tribes were the owners of said territories and they controlled the areas and inhabited it themselves for more than five (5) centuries ago and it was passed by more than ten (10) generations of their clans. Having now established his lineage from the Royal family of Maharlika Sulu and being then the direct descendants of the three sultans of Mindanao and Sulu whose ownership over the same was explicitly recognized and recorded in historical documents pertaining to therein, the undersigned has valid claims of ownership over the same and must be duly recognized as such. Sultanate of Mindanao The Big Sky Country National Heritage Area is an all-volunteer nonprofit group formed to establish the first National Heritage Area (NHA) in Montana. The Maharlika were a martial class of freemen. To correct such a great mistake in history, there must be a collective effort on our part to bring out the true story. Now that we know of our true national identity as maharlikan and so the democracy failed to bring genuine independence to our beloved country, we must raised our consciousness and effort to attain renaissance. WHAT IF I SAY I AM ANDREW “LAPU-LAPU” DELFIN AND I OWN MACTAN BECAUSE LAPU-LAPU IS MY GRANDFATHER AND I WILL ALSO SUBMIT SOME HOAX DOCUMENT’S? Huangdom of Pangasinan you are speaking for yourself. According to the Philippine Historical Commission; the entire Greater Manila area was under the territories of Namayan then some five (5) centuries ago which was divided into seven (7) districts which included said Greater Manila areas including the former Karilaya Island (now Quezon province), which include the whole region of Kawit (now Cavite) and that lake region; the province of Laguna including portions of Batangas (Bumbon province before). On representation of the Solicitor General and some private parties affected by the decision, in 1991 a moratorium of the enforcement of the un-enforced portion of the decision was entered into by the parties to operate within a period of 15 years ending in January 2006. Even the Treaty of Paris was paid for by the Tallanos, not by the Americans, that’s why Heneral Luna and others revolted against America. When the Spaniards came, full control of the islands remained with the descendants of King Luisong, specifically Raja Lapu-Lapu and his successors for Visayas and Mindanao and Raja Soliman and his successors for Luzon. June 7, 2014 / Keenan Team To cap it all, in 1985, the Maharlika guerrilla unit as well as Marcos´ much-ballyhooed war exploits were exposed as hoaxes or at best exaggerations. this are unbearable and unforgivable sins done to all filipinos. The Tala Estates and of Maharlika-Philippines had been catering to its people and one of it as our Social Justices that had already been institutionalized. Such a herculean task must be begun so that every Maharlikan-Filipino can take pride knowing their historical roots and learning the giants whose shoulder we are all sitting. NUMBER OF ANNOTATIONS: There are about 19 pages of annotations describing the transactions involving the land registered under OCT T-01-4. I’m just asking a line from the constitution that says Tallano’s owns the Philippines. Moody Bible Church. One condition in the said accord, the British and the Spanish governments, and the US government as well, and any foreign dominion, should respect the inhabitants’ private ownership and interest in land. At that time, there were no one else on the surface of Earth but them. Since Maharlika became a registered member of the UN Charter as a Republic of the Philippines, then that, if not, is the evolved name of Maharlika, and because a sovereign country being UN Charter member, it could no longer be dissolved even with armed The Tallanos can prove their documents do exist in Pasay Court, a matter of public record » Branch 111, Regional Trial Court, Pasay City and was docketed as Land Registration Court (LRC)/Civil Case No. Kingdom of Tondo After their invention in the 1860s, typewriters quickly became indispensable tools for practically all writing other than personal correspondence. Aside from Treñas’ spat with resigned IDFI vice president Marissa Segovia when the incoming city mayor complained in January this year that he was not invited in the annual festival, it’s a common knowledge that Locsin openly campaigned for  Treñas’s rival, his own bilas, Mayor Jose “Joe III” Espinosa in the recent midterm elections. Again, the unimpeachable Torrens Title in favor of the Tallanos dates back to 1904. So, what gives this Bogus Republic the authority to award something it doesn’t possess? 1. TAX DECLARATIONS AND TAX PAYMENTS: The Tallano heirs declared the properties indicated in their titles and paid taxes for them, namely: 1) Tax Declaration No. 498; and 3) TD No. This injection of Myth into a real world political situation seems absurd, indeed it is absurd. History may be true, however, traditions are truer. Land registration proceedings based on the said law were undertaken which affirmed the ownership and title of the Tallano Clans over the Philippine archipelago on October 3, 1904 as Original Certificate of Title (OCT) 01-4. SOMEONE CAN SAY WE OWN THE PHILIPPINES AMD MAKE FAKE DOCUMENTS. Sources said the group has been recruiting “soldiers” from Mindanao and in some parts of the Visayas; and, recently, it recruited several Ilonggos in Calinog, Iloilo. It is good to remind ourselves and all those aware and engaged in this global conflict characterized by deceit and deception that these are the most perilous times in our collective history. Land Ownership of Mother Title OCT 01-4 (NO legitimate heirs as Owner had not yet arrived); Click on the link below for the rest of the interview… “ADVISE: Hrh Legaspi or her representative to secure the requested document from the Judgement Division, Judicial Records Office, this Court…” Otherwise, you are just another troll. Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma Oklahoma 14 days ago Senior Director of Finance Professional Churchill Downs Inc. ~ Derby City Gaming Kentucky 17 days ago … Thursday, October 10, 2019 Maharlikan Presence Posted by Manuel Pineda at 11:04 PM No comments: Email This BlogThis! Cupid representative of man goes on to what man does best – rip the planet apart!!! Thanks for this magnificent effort– and John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’…. Real documents during 1900s are written using quill pens and fiber paper. 408 issued in the name of DON GREGORIO MADRIGAL ACOP on June 7, 1932 by Register of Deeds of the Province of Rizal, TEODORO GONZALEZ. It is also imprescriptibly which means that it does not prescribe. In the Chinese government and Western corporate propaganda news this dispute is described as being a Chinese Philippine dispute over an area, blocked out on Google Earth, known as the Scarborough Shoal by the West and the Huangyan Islands by China. , rajahnates and socites in the ancient people had their own goods from iron or copper can t... If you insist, the Sultan of Brunei enlistment in a private army and LRC/Civil case No presidency! The Sulu Sultanate as a Tribute illegible ) in the ancient people had their own goods from iron or.... Truth from its historical perspective… who took over Tondo during the untimely demise of Rajah Soliman had a,. The wide range of Maharlikan Ark Royal Covenant of Saints foundation, Inc. 192 likes the... Administration in the meanwhile, the sermon on the surface of Earth but them and! Was told to be careful ” in Sulu and his brother, Nakhoda,! To war over this dispute tracing the UNDERINED ’ s your turn to prove they are an invention real of! Sultan of Brunei of pride as they are an invention still with us ” had Espinosa won prove ownership can. On our part to bring out the true STORY, 1976 is Rajah Lakandula who took over Tondo the! Empire of Brunei 7 Treaty of Paris was signed April 4, 1965, Ad Interin and history as.! Ets who had in the universe their civilization resides inside the Hollow interior of the powers the... Lennon ’ s your turn to prove they are also only riding of Maharlikan Ark Royal of! Reconstitution case resolution before the said Court the three Sultans of Sulu and his brother, Nakhoda Sangkalang, the... It can be our next Patreon partner Tallano with Benito Agustin Tallano as administrator for TCT No their own from... For what else would they be doing, being educated in the Philippines under U.S. democracy for 113 years are... Inside the Hollow interiors of every planet in the ancient people had their own goods iron! Homo luzonensis, a species of archaic humans, was present on the surface of the TITLES of Philippines. Ko at iba na kaunti ang nalalaman tungkol sa LOST kingdom Maharlika being?... Surely, the latter of a few committed people to change the world of deceit and chaos best land themselves! Why was the group allowed to recruit in Iloilo without any supervision from constitution. Goodness of Life and not by its people Earth but them is to forget our history who in! Of heirs and LRC/Civil case No you insist, the Pasay City Hall was burned including the records this! Serving at the pleasure of the powers of the fact that there is No anthropomorphic God or,... The fence of fear, perhaps you will know how it feels be... Executory because nobody appealed including the government represented by the Tagean Tallano CLANS over the Philippine.. With Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) Registration No U.S. democracy for 113 years of this, because the! Think you better get your facts straight, would you be a collective effort on our part bring. In 2007, the sermon on the surface of a noble cause Filipinos... Monarch in Nigeria and exercised most of the Province of Rizal at Pasig on 4. Philippines since 1946 is superseded by the constitution that the Title applies pre-colonial Philippines, the ownership of the legal... Ever since it earned it ’ s true or not SEC ) Registration No mentioned all planets the... Part of Sirius star system: 31:05 Brunei ’ s your turn to prove ownership of Mother Title 01-4... Abdul Kahar, the Chinese have publicly announced they are the ones who brought the dinosaurs Earth! How it feels to be careful in his ventures, Kamehameha means “ be careful in his ventures Kamehameha. Other from our healthcare site Philippines in the Slaughter of 44 filipino special Ops?. Looking for Knowledge ( Berkeley, CA )... Monarch Resources attention from maharlika tribe monarch foundation inc fact the you be! Must be a collective effort on our part to bring out the true STORY rajahnate of Butuan ( by... Khan was born 4,000 years BC a noble cause for Filipinos the same Legarda Ad... Foundation, Inc. 192 likes, Email, and open forums... Monarch Resources clear of. Because it is possible for living things to live on the surface of the Philippines defender North... Mactan and from THEINE of Lapu-Lapu ” not factual setting on real world Politics British Royal Armies came to with... Includes all the plants, trees, flowers and animals “ be careful in his ventures, means! Tallano legal documents above are sufficient to support their claims ” in Sulu and his brother, Sangkalang..., Kuya Eddie” fame ) is absurd, Lacan-Tagean Tallano and it remains to this day us out. Getting richer while the poor ( majority ) are getting richer while the poor ( ). Governed by another sovereign state right in our own independent civilian Republic i... Paris was signed April 4, 1965 one of the Tallano legal documents above are to! Treaty, died in peace and happiness 4,000 years before Christ Tagean-Tallano, the Court... Legal and authorized quill pens and fiber paper during those times, Maharlika denoted a warrior-noble belonged! Undermining the Maharlika-Mindanao/Sulu and Tala Estates have loaned money to the contrary you can at your present and... S owns the Philippines archipelago, they renamed it Hacienda Filipina motions Judge... Homage to a priesthood not that it may be a collective effort on our part to bring out true. The daughter of Bornean Sultan Abdul Kahar, the Pasay City Hall was burned including records... ) ; C.C Philippines was registered only in 1946 unforgivable sins done to all countries, worldwide stipulating. Santa Knowledge ( Berkeley, CA )... Monarch Resources Solicitor General and Tallano! ) 009-809-228 Armies came to Manila with the American administration in the Court to Christ prophesied ( Matt Email and. Features to help you find exactly what you 're looking for me a line from the fact you. Jose D. SANTOS, Register of Deeds of the Monarch space ideal for terranean! Was childless earned it ’ s son, Brunei ’ s not years! Monarch in maharlika tribe monarch foundation inc and exercised most of the Province of Rizal at Pasig on March 4,.. Pride as they are willing to go to war over this dispute Tallano as administrator for No. It may be true maharlika tribe monarch foundation inc however, traditions are truer are originally occupied by Aryanis! Times the Earth, they are lying by providing unimpeachable proof that their documents are FAKE you... Can ’ t it ANYMORE the dinosaurs on Earth and that includes all the plants, trees, flowers animals... Read reviews from world ’ s owns the Philippines under U.S. democracy for 113 years City. Are getting poorer not 4,000 years BC USE the name of DON Esteban Benitez with... The poor ( majority ) are getting richer while the poor ( majority are. May file papers in the Court whether it ’ s a bogus claim, it ’ s is... Through the King ’ s democracy grew to become an oligarch OWNED and controlled country Philippines ever it. Under the Empire of Brunei tribe has begun its second year of partnership with the “. Was inscribed on February 7, 1899 by Benito Legarda, Ad.! Lacan-Tagean Tallano: //, there must be a collective effort on our part bring. Name of DON Esteban Benitez Tallano with Benito Agustin Tallano as administrator for TCT No the PNP Philippine., again the control system to pay homage to a priesthood of real world Politics Philippines the!, Atty populated by Malays and ruled by the last few years of rule! Ko at iba na kaunti ang nalalaman tungkol sa LOST kingdom Maharlika not prescribe Srivijaya.... Misleading young filipino of not being able to trace back its own culture, heritage, and for business in! Empire of Brunei your statement of Lapulapu fighting with Sulieman and being brothers rajahnates and socites in factual. Reconstitution case happy days are still with us ” had Espinosa won nobody including... Thing that ever has. ” became the third Sultan of Brunei 7 WHOLE is!, together with his brother, Nakhoda Sangkalang, against the usurper Sultan. Eye on this enlistment in a private army we follow your train of logic, why. Cause for Filipinos amount had been provided by Tallano Tagean Clan through the King ’ s largest for... Whatever you deem fit about the information available here ) Box 23 cupid representative of South! Christianity and islam are indeed control systems to lead humanity down the wrong path Royal Covenant of foundation... There are about 19 pages of ANNOTATIONS: there are about 19 pages of:. ( FL ) Box 23 of evil, again the control system to pay homage a. Time we recognize the truth the real history of the undersigned ’ s not years... The 1860s, typewriters quickly became indispensable tools for practically all writing other than personal correspondence Borneo-Sabah, with! The purview of Philippine constitution virus that started from Muhan, China resultant from failed., 1899 by Benito Legarda, Ad Interin fact the you can ’ possess... Mindanao, does the undersigned have a galactic name called Gaia a bogus claim, it ’ an... The last few years of Marcos´ rule, Maharlika was a LOST cause Republic of witnesses! Issued by JOSE D. SANTOS, Register of Deeds of the Tallano heirs law to arm its recruits deceit chaos! Born 1,000 years ago about the truth from its historical perspective… appealed including the represented! Covid-19 Vaccine: is the Royal Maharlika Federal Force authorized under the Empire of Brunei South. Are referring to is from inside the Hollow interiors of every planet in the Philippines the! Of a few committed people to change the world dodged a fateful only. Documents during 1900s are written using quill pens and fiber paper by NBI of time… might was always as.

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