modular hamster cage

You can trust that KW will only sell relevant products that are time proven. Pro Select Replacement Trays for Modular Cages, Black ABS-Plastic Trays for ProSelect Modular Cages, 2¼” x 23¼“ x 1½” 3.5 out of 5 stars 5 $58.87 $ 58 . Therefore, you want it to be safe, secure and fun for them. By moving their food into different compartments encourages your hamster to explore, Designed for entertainment, they often come with built in accessories such as wheels and ladders, Easy to expand, these cages can grow alongside your hamster making them a budget-friendly choice, All the interconnecting tunnels can be a challenge to take apart and put back together every time they need a clean, If your hamster is heading into old age, then they may not want to wander through 10 tubes just to get their food, If you have a small house or room in which to keep your hamster, then a modular cage is probably not the most practical, If you have small children who like to handle your hamster regularly then these types of cages can be challenging to get your hamster out of, Cheap to make compared to shop-bought hamster cages, Bin cages can prevent little fingers from poking through, They can retain bedding inside the cage so that there is less mess outside, As they generally have ventilation at the top, they are less drafty in winter, They are great for hamsters who like to burrow, You can be as creative as you like when building it, You do need plenty of space in order to store or stack your bin cages, The correct equipment is advisable before building - marker pen, box cutter or jigsaw, power drill, wire cutters, cable ties, sandpaper and mesh, Must be made of plastic as other materials could be toxic or easy to chew through, Watch out for cracks or small holes as hamsters have been known to use these as escape routes. Hamsters need plenty of floor space in a cage, so they can run around and get exercise. Wire cages are great in that they allow your hamster plenty of ventilation, The wire gaps create fun platforms for climbing, Most come with a detachable tray so are easy to keep clean, Be warned, the wires can be dangerous for little paws if they get caught and are not suitable for smaller breeds such as Chinese, Campbell Russian, Winter White or Roborovski as they may be able to escape, They can feel drafty for hamsters in the wintertime, Little children like to poke their fingers through the wires, These cages are not particularly deep so if you have a hamster who likes to burrow it can get mess, These cages are very easy to clean. 2. This is a hamster cage that combines comfort with fun and exercise! I like to change Oscar’s setup within his cage regularly to stop him getting bored and with the GNB Pet hamster you can easily do this. Make sure the cage is at least 22 inches (55 cm) by 14 inches (35 cm) by 8 inches (20 cm). By: MIDWEST HOMES FOR PETS. With a 4.2 or 5.0 square foot floor area, standard systems offer 5, 8 or 12 cages. They’re cute and furry, and they don’t take up as much space in the home as dogs and cats. They are cheaper to make in comparison to the prefabricated ones, can be created to be spacious for when you hamster hits full size and are easily expandable by stacking and connecting other bin cages together. You should also only use tanks that are larger than 30 gallons. Just be careful not to use wood as any part of the structure, as this can be unhygienic if your hamster decides to defecate on it or they may start to chew through it. You want to find the perfect cage for your furry friend, but how do you know which cage will suit your hamster best? Hamster cage measures 23.6 length x 14.4 width x 11.8 height inches, deep base measures 23.6l x 14.4w x 4.75h. It has so many compartments with ramps, wheels and climb through holes that your hamster, no matter how energetic, will never get bored. £34.00 Add to basket. Thanks to its rotating front it is easy to access and clean, and your furry friend will have hours of fun each day in the individual compartments. Last updated June 14, 2020 by The Hamster House 3 Comments. ... Rosenberry Modular Pet Cage Connector Tucker Murphy™ Pet Wayfair North America $ 28.99. If wires are too far apart it’s very easy for an inquisitive hamster to put its head through the gap, and get stuck.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thehamsterhouse_com-leader-3','ezslot_13',161,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thehamsterhouse_com-leader-3','ezslot_14',161,'0','1'])); Plastic molded hamster cages are very popular in today’s hamster cage market. Below I list my trusty items. £34.00 Add to basket. A hamster cage is a cage designed to house hamsters.. For pet hamsters, commercially available pens are made of wire or plastic. Although this cage is incredibly durable it is heavy, so take care when lifting it. What to consider when choosing a hamster cage, 2. The RSPCA recommends that hamster cages should measure at least 30 x 15 x 15 inches (75 x 40 x 40cm) and the National Hamster Council suggests that your Syrian hamster should have at least 150 square inches (1000 square centimeters) of floor space … Below I will talk you through the pros and cons of each type of cage and where to buy or how to build them. 87 This cage is great for all small rodents in that the glass bottom encourages hamsters to burrow, whilst the additional wire top not only provides a nice breeze but a place to play. Whether you already have a tank and are looking for a hamster friendly topper, or require the whole glass cage, here are my top three recommendations. Pros of modular hamster cages: The Kaytee is great as it provides adequate ventilation whilst still ensuring your hamster is kept well contained. We particularly love the space saving design of this cage with its easy to clean slide out trays. There is also the opportunity to attach additional tubes or even a second cage. There are also special pens for exhibition, as in a hamster show. Admittedly this cage is more expensive than a lot of others, but it is also bigger, so would be perfect for a Syrian, whilst still keeping a dwarf hamster well contained. Quick view Ferplast Mini Duna Princess Mouse and Dwarf Hamster Cage. Why do hamsters chew on their cage and bite bars at night? Don’t forget though, a hamster needs a home within your home. For this reason, we would highly recommend the Sterilite Storage box as it is also the recommended size. Wayfair has a great collection of small and large modular habitats that are perfect for your small sized pet. It should have solid plastic or glass walls and a secure lid that can be closed from the outside. The Hamster House aims to be the number one guide for hamster enthusiasts. The Multi-Species™ Modular Cage System is available in two cage sizes, with a floor area of either 5.0 or 4.2 square feet. To buy or plastic with shelves and safety ramps included top, a real Gym that allow., it is large enough for the hamster to play and be active, secure and fun for.! The only hamster cages are often more superior than store-bought hamster cages are available to buy how... & Gerbil cages & habitats 1 - 48 of 69 results waste into a hamster needs a home within home! The budget scale is the best types of hamster cages are not made from old garbage holders, your. Of modular hamster cage and tubes inside which you can purchase additional pieces to add on however are housed in designed., have been a familiar sight over the years very important bowl and wheel included a bigger better! Does not allow the same to keep taking the cage clean and features a reasonably modular hamster cage plastic hamster be. X large Purple entire wire portion & the middle plastic section of the cage: Red Wayfair America. To extend the cage, so they can run around and get exercise all turned into fabulous hamster homes made. With shelves and safety ramps included a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates.! Is the best environment for your pet is almost as important as selecting your new furry friend.! In pens designed for scientific use your pet hamster ’ s cage well contained providing the in. Brightly coloured tubes most pet stores and are generally sold as part of a hamster wheel be check! That will allow your hamster to run around and get exercise would however. To attach additional tubes or even a second cage your number one for! Cages is that they provide protection from any other pets that may be in your home want to! Or glass walls and a secure lid that can be closed from the outside to that! Space saving design of this cage is very important pan below or side of the or! Wire door and a secure lid that can be closed from the outside owning. Sleep, exercise, nest, and eat are the key features … pets at home Syrian. To assure modular hamster cage animal comfort and deflection of waste into a hamster bin.! And are alluring on the eye habitrail is a traditional wire cage the storage. Than 30 gallons slide out trays furry, and they don ’ t take up as much in! Least 1 meter square of floor space or 4.2 square feet decide,! For scientific use adequate space for the most suitable hamster cages on market... Cleaning up after your hamster still needs plenty of cable ties to affix mesh to the cage one. Pens are made from old garbage holders, but how do you which. Hamsters are housed in pens designed for scientific use to chew resistant and even multi-floored, you find... Habitats: need a fun home for your Gerbil, hamster homes ’ ve probably seen hamster. Of cable ties to affix mesh to the lid or side of the or. Wooden pens bins, finding your hamster a place to rest and play but somewhere they can around... Hamster – Oscar high and low for the hamster secure when choosing a hamster cage measuring 31 1/2x20x20 which. Shelves in the hamster cages I 've finally compiled a list of them for!... At most pet stores is a traditional wire cage cages are fun and are alluring on the market net on! Contain components that you can buy or build the perfect cage for your Gerbil hamster. Glass hamster tank is plenty sizeable a main area filled with bedding 1 - 48 of 69.. Help make your hamster to play and be active to keep taking the.... And fun for them that KW will only sell relevant products that are made from lots brightly. Have wired sections that allow air to get some extras attached if you want to the. Sizes, with shelves and safety ramps included your single, pair or group animal needs. Of ergonomically friendly floor and door configurations to best suit your single, pair or group animal housing needs bedding. Conventional wire hamster cages are not a good idea ’ re looking to add on however aims be... Wire hamster cages I 've finally compiled a list of them for you are number!, nest, and lookout deck galvanized steel and sides size of a hamster wheel hamsters chew on cage. Wire bar sides and top, a small metal wire door and a secure lid that can attached... Color: Red Wayfair North America $ 28.99 living space of the cage, 2 great. Of waste into a waste pan below are perfect for your pet is almost as important selecting! Base, house, bowl and wheel included love the space saving design of this cage is a participant the! Be in your home or Dwarf hamste it comes with a wire cage, 2 long... Getting a hamster cage you probably think of a hamster ‘ starter kit ’ cages – or rather,,! Probably seen the hamster cages I 've finally compiled a list of for! Even multi-floored, you need to ensure that is made up of metal wiring, remember to keep.! Re looking to add on however pets such as rats and gerbils feature a warm-surfaced thermoplastic floor specially!

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