Why Hotlines Don’t Work

There are five common pitfalls that can drastically reduce the number of hotline tip submissions.  Avoiding these pitfalls is critical for any hotline implementation, whether it occurs through an online form, through a phone line, or through an app.

The app implementation is the coolest, newest, most effective thing; although, we are biased towards that one.

How do we know these are pitfalls?  Because we are intelligence collectors and analysts by trade.  Our founders come from the world of actionable intelligence gathering and fraud investigations.  Over 46% of fraud in a workplace is caught through the investigation of a hotline tip and that’s more than any other method of catching fraud, including audits.

We know how to get good information and enable clients to act on it.

Click each pitfall below to fall into it and learn how to not fall into it. Then, contact us to get started on installing your effective, useful, bottom-line building hotline.


Users Don’t Understand How to Report a tip

Users Fear Retaliation or Invalidation

Tips are not adequately investigated

Information is mismanaged

Victims feel they have no credibility