Adeona connects tech to build global collaborative solutions. Technology consists of blockchain applications, global networks, crowdsourcing, and other exciting techy things.


Adeona pursues social mission initiatives that solve problems in society (like #metoo, human trafficking, school shootings) and generally, make the world a better place. No, really.


Adeona deploys technology in a collaborative environment to create solutions for industry-specific problem sets and social mission initiatives with measurable real-world results.


Adeona aims to provide measurable solutions in vulnerable sectors by deploying technologies that are developed and validated.  Each solution initiative addresses specific problems that have not yet been adequately solved.

Adeona founders are experts in collaborative intelligence collection, supply chain management, fraud examination, criminal investigations, and technology development.

More Solutions...

Adeona actively develops new solutions for identified initiatives.  Our collaborators explore blockchain implementations, functional programming, and other emerging tech trends to find the most efficient solution for industry specific problem sets.