Listed below are our general terms and conditions along with our privacy policy.  Please note that your specific contract with us may differ.

How do I get better graphs and historical data?

You must be an app user! Welcome, welcome, welcome!  We have lots of cool things we can provide for more insight - crazy cool boxplots, infographics for your annual report based on your app usage, live in-person training (you saw these, right?), turnkey support, and full spectrum investigation and litigation support.

What is your privacy policy?

You can find our website privacy bits here.  Please contact us for the full privacy policy governing solutions we have built for you.

What are your terms and conditions for use of your app(s)?

Please contact us for the contract governing your specific usage.

You have apps?

Yes, we do.  Thanks for asking.  See our technology page.

What have you been up to?

Oh, we've been busy.  Check out our courses so you can be busy, too.

If you hold a certification that requires continuing education (such as a private investigator, accountant, fraud examiner, valuation analyst, lawyer, etc. or are a certified serial learner), note that some courses count towards your continuing education [CPE or CLE or CEU or ETC] requirements.

What are your terms, conditions, and privacy policy for attendance in a course?

It's ours!  All ours.  Also, feel free to reach out and ask us for permission if you'd like to use something (before you use it).