From Everyone

With Adeona, you can allow the entire campus to report threats of violence, harassment, hazing, discrimination, and other concerns.

About Everything

Gain valuable insight into campus activities from students, faculty, and staff while providing a safe and anonymous line of communication.

Data to Act

Adeona Campus Insight pairs the gathered data with simple analysis tools to help prevent, monitor, and deter unwanted activity.

User Trust

Users trust that their identity will be protected.  Users trust anonymous apps and Adeona ensures that each user's reports are encrypted when sent and that any additional metadata from their device is not sent to organizations.

Reports Will Cause Action

The Adeona user app allows users to track their own reports, view when it has been forwarded in an organization, view when an action has been taken, and view when their report has been closed out.

Simple and Accessible

The Adeona Campus Insight app is free for users when an organization deploys the Adeona Campus Insight Technology.  The reporting system is simple for users and simple for data analysts in the organization.