Adeona has developed an effective tool to combat human trafficking and actively collaborates with first responders, law enforcement, investigators, and the community to spread awareness and measurably impact the growth of this criminal trade.

Adeona's Anti Human Trafficking technology anonymously gathers information from the community, including current or former victims of trafficking, and matches it against law enforcement leads to develop a comprehensive picture of trafficking networks to facilitate an effective response.

Simple User Interface

User selects the concern from a drop-down.

User types a brief description.

User can upload a photo or short video.

User presses send.

Simple Client Interface

Automated distribution to appropriate person.

Process the report or forward it in your organization for more input.

Archive the report when an issue is closed out.

Secure and Valid

Submitted information is encrypted.

Secondary secure line of external communication.

End-to-end auditability.

Stats and Analysis

The client interface offers statistics and reports that track the reports from users, track the actions taken, and view measurable reports.