Why Hotlines Don’t Work: Mismanagement

Information is mismanaged

This is the fifth of five common pitfalls to avoid when implementing a hotline, whether that’s a corporate hotline to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse or a emergency services hotline or even a school or campus hotline.  To read about the other pitfalls and why we think we know something, go back to the summary post.

In many hotline implementations, whether corporate or nonprofit call centers, data is never investigated.  Tips are submitted and sit waiting to be categorized, validated, and transferred to appropriate personnel.  In addition, some tips are discarded according to arbitrary criteria such as information placed in the wrong fields of an online form or a caller who refuses to provide identifying information.  The most mismanaged information is data silos.

At Adeona.Tech, we partner with nonprofit organizations to aggregate tips across all methods of receipt to more efficiently identify a network of activity and produce a more effective response.  In addition, our app implementations automatically distribute received tips to appropriate personnel, who can be internal or external to an organization.